What is the warranty on the purchased product?

All the necessary information is in the "Warranty" section.


What are the existing discounts and bonuses?

You can find out about this by contacting our managers.


If the product is not available, can it be ordered?

You can agree on the issue with the company's manager.


What does product labeling IP20, IP65, etc. mean?

This marking means the degree of protection of electrical equipment from the penetration of solid objects and water.

Letters IP - speed in "Protection against penetration".

The first digit is the degree of protection against the penetration of solid objects: from 0 (lack of protection) to 6 (complete dust resistance).

The second digit is the degree of water penetration: from 0 (lack of protection) to 8 (prolonged immersion in water).


What adjustments are there in the sensor sensors?

Usually can regulate step adjustment (level of illumination at which the mail sensor to work) and delay of switching off (time, the stretching light will be included).


What is the advantage of LED lamps and floodlights?

The longest term (up to 40,000 years) and the lowest power consumption (up to 90% of energy is converted into light) compared to all other types of light sources. Complete absence of toxic and harmful components.


How to choose the right LED strip?

The tape can be selected based on the required light flux. For example, focusing on the luminous flux of one 40 W incandescent lamp - 600 lumens. Robots in a humid environment require a tape with a degree of protection of at least IP65. The power supply must be selected from the power reserve of at least 20% (for stable operation). And most importantly - the installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician.